Employee Engagement in this Era of WFH
Posted on 8/6/21

<p> <div><p>Work from home #WFH is the new normal, but it's not so normal for the employees. With no watercooler or tea breaks to brainstorm around the productivity and engagement from the employees is thin. How do you keep the zeal and continue to excel? Here are some tips. &nbsp;<br>&nbsp;<br>&nbsp;</p></div><div><p>&nbsp;<br>1. Airtight onboarding </p></div><div><p>Digitize and document the onboarding process for new hires. </p></div><div><p>Schedule orientation sessions for remote hires. </p></div><div><p>Schedule video calls to introduce and conduct icebreaker sessions with the team. </p></div><div><p>&nbsp;</p></div><div><p>2. Virtual AHMs (All Hands Meeting) </p></div><div><p>With remote teams, virtual AHMs become a vital tool to bring all the workforce onto one platform. AHMs should be conducted more frequently to announce important policy decisions, share updates and celebrate team members. They can also be used to conduct fun activities, games and trivia quizzes to break the monotony of remote work. </p></div><div><p>&nbsp;</p></div><div><p>3. Offer work near home options </p></div><div><p>Keep your employees away from loneliness and help them maintain healthy mental balance and allow employees to step out to a nearby workspace and socialize. </p></div><div><p>&nbsp;</p></div><div><p>4. Communicate and listen to employees </p></div><div><p>Let your employees know that they are an extended family and can reach out in any grievances or any occasion. </p></div><div><p>&nbsp;</p></div><div><p>5. Employee recognition and rewards. </p></div><div><p>With remote working it's even more important to encourage employees with rewards and appreciation. </p></div><div><p>&nbsp;</p></div><div><p>6. Ditch 9 - 5 mind-set. &nbsp;</p></div><div><p>In this era of work from home, communication and work becomes unparalleled. &nbsp;</p></div><div><p>If managers and supervisors expect the same routine similar to office hours, then they can expect erosion of productivity and loyalty towards the organisation. &nbsp; </p></div><div><p>Educate managers to calibrate their plans and expectations around flexible work timings. &nbsp;</p></div><div><p>&nbsp;</p></div><div><p>7. Collaborative sessions <br>Encourage your teams to take up courses together </p></div><div><p>Encourage team members to come forward and share the knowledge on anything new that they would have learnt. </p></div><div><p>&nbsp;</p></div><div><p>8. Keep meetings crisp &nbsp; </p></div><div><p>To avoid meeting weariness keep the meeting short, crisp and informative. &nbsp;</p></div><div><p>Apply "every extra minute costs" formula to your meetings. </p></div><div><p>&nbsp;</p></div> <br></p>